Here the chart shows the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on System Engineering and Embedded Software spending in all 59 countries, and the knock-on effects over the next five years.

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Construct a reliable view of the competitive landscape for tools developers using the System Engineering and Embedded Software (SE/ES) Observatory.

This data set looks at the growing market for tools used for systems engineering and the design, development and maintenance of embedded software.

The Cambashi SE/ES Observatory provides revenue figures from research into over 300 companies, selling more than 500 software product lines.

What it does

The  Provider/Workflow data set gives you the insight you need to:

  • quantify how growth in the software aspects of product development in the smart industries is reflected in global and regional volume and growth of SE/ES tools
  • see market share and workflow focus of leading providers
  • plan product development or partnership approaches to this market, based on realistic revenue and competition expectations

The separate Country/Industry data set allows you to:

  • analyse which countries have the best market potential
  • identify the industries with the largest market size or growth in your target countries

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