Market Snapshots

Get marketing and investment decisions right with intuitive, easy-to-access data for the global PLM, AEC, GIS, BIM, CAD/CAM/CAE markets.

Cambashi market snapshots are the new affordable way to access our Market Observatory datasets:

  • Select a chart type and the data you want
  • We plot data from the current Observatories
  • Then we send you the image of the chosen chart, ready for you to use – to study, to discuss with colleagues, to embed in documents, to plan strategies, to make decisions, and take action.

You choose the data and views needed by your project, Cambashi Market Snapshots quantify the market with charts that are easy to use and communicate.

The below price list is for a single order (you can access the order form here):

1st Chart  – $350

2nd Chart – $300

3rd Chart – $250

4th Chart – $200

5th Chart – $150

All subsequent charts – $100 each

Snapshot example: 5 Year Technical Applications Spend forecast for Slovenia

More details are available from the two information files – chart formats and FAQ.

The ‘chart formats’ file contains example images for each available chart type. The order form details the data options for each chart type, together with pricing and ordering details.

The following Observatories can be accessed using market snapshots:

Observatory Chart types (for illustrations download the
Available chart formats file)
Product Product Revenue by Geography; Product Revenue Breakdown;
Product Revenue Growth by Year
Country Technical Applications Market Size; Market Size by Country and
Software Segment; Software Sub-Segment Growth by
Industry-Country; Country Growth by Software Sub-Segment
Industry Industry Segment by Geographic Location; 5 Year Spend Growth
(from 2013); Country-Industry Spend by Detailed Industry;
5 Year Spend and Growths by Country-Industry;
Country-Industry Spend and Growths
Provider-by-Industry Geography Spend by Provider-Industry;
Industry Spend by Provider-Geography
Employment Occupation-Industry Employment by Country; Industry-Country
Employment by Occupation; Country-Industry Employment by
Detailed Occupation

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