Strategy & Planning

Marketing planning is the activity that coordinates the chain of activities involved in marketing, all the way from strategy to execution.

Doing this well is a major driver of business advantage in a competitive and highly volatile global market.

Marketing planning process

Cambashi has been supporting companies’ marketing planning efforts in the worldwide market for design and engineering software applications for many years.

This market, covers a host of applications – CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, GIS, BIM, Visualisation tools, and so on.

It spans well over a hundred target industries and diverse geographic markets, is certainly at the ‘difficult’ end of the spectrum in terms of strategy and planning challenges.

Our Approach

There is no shortage of tools and techniques to help the top team develop a company’s ‘strategy’.

On the other hand, there are few that support the process of aligning top level strategy with the many operational targets that need to be set across product lines, geographies and industries.

Combining the use of our market data with extensive experience of planning processes in this market, Cambashi solves the difficult problem of bringing together corporate and local objectives into a consistent, comprehensive yet dynamic market view.

The result is highly effective framework for:

  • assessing the relative attractiveness of defined market opportunities across a company’s entire sphere of activity
  • allocating resources across multiple products, territories and industries
  • the continuous monitoring and improvement that enables a higher level of agility and responsiveness
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