The Changing Role of Simulation and the Simulation Revolution

Engineering Simulation has grown into significant importance in the engineering design process over the last four decades with technology drivers enabling its broader and improved application. This growth in importance has been accompanied by a growth in awareness of the benefits and key business drivers, which then also brings a new set of opportunities and challenges related to increased demand. The Engineering Simulation market is struggling to meet this surge in demand, and a Simulation Revolution is needed to overcome the shortage of expertise, which prevents broader application.

Cambashi has been providing insights into the 2D & 3D CAE market with its CAE Observatory since 2015. The 2020 release of the CAE Observatory illustrates that the Simulation Revolution has begun with increasing annual market growth rates forecast compared to previous years – excluding 2020 of course. The emergence of Generative Design and Digital Twins are combining with the other business drivers to increase the demand for Engineering Simulation.

This paper reviews the Changing Role of Simulation and the start of the Simulation Revolution.

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