Capability: Electro-Magnetics (CEM) | Computer Aided Engineering report


Computational Electro-Magnetics (CEM) deals with simulation to evaluateĀ  the interaction of electromagnetic fields with physical objects and the environment.

Table of Contents

  • Cambashi CAE Market Observatory

  • Sources

  • Definition of the Electro-Magnetics (CEM) Capability

  • Market Size

  • Size & Growth of Electro-Magnetics (CEM) Capability

  • Position of “Electro-Magnetics (CEM)” Capability Within CAE Market

  • For each of the Top 5 vendors:

    • Size & Growth

    • Position for Provider within Electro-Magnetics (CEM) Market

    • Position of “Electro-Magnetics (CEM)” within Provider

  • Other Providers