Cambashi Launches the BIM Charter Program

Members Benefit from Comprehensive Market Research to Guide Strategic Planning

Cambridge, UK. February 12, 2020 – Cambashi, a leading global industry analyst and market consulting firm, today announced it is inviting Charter Members to steer the next phase of its 2020 BIM (Building Information Modelling) market research agenda.

The BIM Market

The market for software in the construction sector is witnessing rapid growth, forecast to double over the 5 years 2018-2023, driven by technological, economic and institutional change. Key to this is the emerging adoption of BIM as a framework to support efficiency, working practice improvements and new business opportunities across the Design, Construct, Operate lifecycle.

BIM supports collaboration between many different engineering disciplines, including architects, engineers and constructors. The vision is for an accurate and complete digital model of a building, plant or even city – geometry and attributes – to be used for planning, design, construction and then operation over its life.

Cambashi BIM market dashboard

Charter Membership – how it works

Cambashi involves industry partners to scope and research emerging market sectors. Charter members are invited to input, steer and prioritize research agenda according to specific requirements and “hard-to-get” information gaps. Cambashi has successfully applied this approach to the Connected Applications/Industrial IoT global sector. The Cambashi team undertakes the “heavy-lifting” – with Charter Members providing validation.

The core benefits to Charter Members are:

  • Early access to key datasets for competitive advantage
  • Steer and prioritize the research agenda
  • Input on what is important for a Charter member’s planning process.

In addition to the existing capabilities (see for details), Charter members will be able to suggest additional providers, user types, countries, segmentation etc. and to request the inclusion of aspects of other Cambashi observatories such as IIoT/Connected Applications and Employment.

Cambashi BIM Research journey

  • 30+ years analyzing engineering and manufacturing software market
  • 20 years ago started tracking AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction), providing foundation for BIM research
  • Developed BIM Observatory (market sizing dataset) covering design/construct/operate
  • As market interest heats up, Cambashi asked by clients to expand coverage adding more granular views
  • Now launching Charter in collaboration with industry to scope and prioritize BIM research agenda for 2020 & beyond.

Visit for more details.

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